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      Unit 1 - Lipoxins in the treatment of glaucoma (~11 mins)

      Professor John Flanagan interviewed by Geoff Watts

      Glaucoma, in its various forms, is a leading cause of blindness in the world according to the World Health Organisation. The disease has no current cure and medical intervention is still focused upon the management of intraocular pressure. However, many who receive treatment still experience loss of vision. Professor John Flanagan, Dean and Professor of Optometry at the University of California Berkeley, discusses a potential new treatment for glaucoma which is centred around a better understanding of the disease at a cellular level.

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      Unit 2 - Accurate stereo test for mobile device (ASTEROID) (~10 mins)

      Dr Kathleen Vancleef interviewed by Vincente Puyat

      The first few years of life are critical for binocular development to avoid binocular vision disorders such as amblyopia or strabismus. However, children at this age are notoriously difficult to examine and assess, meaning that the results can often be unreliable. The ASTEROID project’s new technology and methodology promises to improve on this, making the assessment of younger patients easier. 

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      Unit 3 - Stereo vision in the praying mantis (~7 mins)

      Dr Vivek Nityananda interviewed by Vincente Puyat

      Praying mantises are the only invertebrates known to have stereo vision. Dr Vivek Nityananda, a behavioural ecologist, is currently investigating the mechanisms underlying stereo vision in the praying mantis as part of a project called ‘Man, mantis and machine: the computation of 3D vision’. Here, he discusses his research with us and its implications on our understanding of human stereo vision.

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      Unit 4 - Virtual reality and 3D displays (~ 10 mins)

      Professor Jenny Read interviewed by Vincente Puyat

      Jenny Read is the Principal Investigator on the ASTEROID project and ‘Man, mantis and machine: the computation of 3D vision’. She talks to us here about virtual reality and 3D displays, and the potential impact of prolonged use of virtual reality displays upon the visual system.