Topic outline

  • General

    DOCET provides these free template forms which optometrists organising and facilitating peer discussions are welcome to download for their own use.

    Patient case record

    DOCET has developed this 'best practice' template record. It can be downloaded and used to create your own example case records (good and bad!) for use in peer discussion. It may also be used in everyday practice.

    DOCET patient record card

    Reflection on learning: participants

    It is helpful to ensure that participants write some notes at the end of every peer discussion session, reflecting on what was covered, what they have learned, and what might influence their future practice and patient care. DOCET's template reflecting on learning form is structured to mirror the form optometrists must complete on 'MyGOC'.

    Reflecting on learning form

    Reflection on learning: facilitators

    It is also important for facilitators to complete their own reflection on learning notes, to capture their thoughts on how the session went, what they covered and what they learned. DOCET's template form can be used for this purpose.

    Facilitator reflection form

    Evaluation and feedback

    DOCET's template form which can be downloaded and used to gather constructive feedback to help you plan future peer discussion events. It can be adapted as required for your own use.

    You may wish to insert details of the specific learning objectives for your peer discussion in the 'Objectives' section of the form, so that participants can tell you how well they feel these were met.

    Evaluation & feedback form

    Delegate list

    Please use this template form and/or adapt it as necessary. Organisers may use their own delegate list in a different format, but for best practice it should include as a minimum the same information as the DOCET template.

    Delegate list