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This programme looks at the various refractive correction options available for presbyopes.

Through a mix of filmed patient scenarios and expert advice four areas are considered:

  • Stephen Freeman on spectacle frames and lenses
  • Keith Tempany on contact lenses
  • Dr Clare O'Donnell on correction with intraocular lenses and managing presbyopic patients following refractive laser surgery

The case studies are used to consider the best refractive correction options available for older patients and show how the expert guidance can be used in practice.

Refractive Correction for Older Patients is part of DOCET's Ageing Eye series and revisits some of the patient case studies introduced in the communication skills module.

    Unit 5 - Presbyopes and refractive surgery (~10 mins)

    Unit 4 - Options for patients with intraocular lenses (~14 mins)Unit 6 - Summary (~1 min)