Docet Governance

Docet Council

Docet Council meets twice a year to set and monitor the strategic direction of Docet and to ensure that its objectives are being met. The Council consists of representatives from the main UK optical institutions and departments and the Department of Health. The Director of Education of the College of Optometrists acts as Secretary to the Docet Council on governance matters.

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Docet Council delegates responsibility for day-to-day management and monitoring of operational and financial aspects of Docet activity to the Docet Executive Committee. The current Chairman of Docet Council and the Docet Executive Committee is Rob Hogan.


Docet Executive Committee

The Docet Executive Committee manages and monitors Docet's day-to-day, operational activity on behalf of Docet Council. It meets regularly throughout the year, monitoring the Docet budget, receiving regular reports from the Docet Project Manager on projects progress, and providing advice and support to the Docet Training Advisers as required, particularly in relation to the content and direction of Docet material.

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Docet Constitution

Docet is a restricted fund of the College of Optometrists, which administers its activities.

The Health Departments allocate funds to Docet annually, following a submission of a budget. The funds are made available under section 63 of the Health Services and Public Health Act (1968). Money made available under section 63 may be used by Docet to finance all forms of CPD provided that the subjects addressed are relevant to family health services within the NHS.


Docet Terms of Reference

Docet's Terms of Reference are to ensure that its funds are used towards:

  • Maintaining and improving the quality of services optometrists provide to the public in delivering general optometric services.
  • Ensuring that optometrists keep up to date with technological and scientific advances relevant to their services and to the public's needs.
  • Assisting optometrists in acquiring the additional skills necessary to the development of eye care services.

Annual report

Year end report for 2022-23 to Health Education England (year ending 31 March 2023).

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