Meet the Docet Team


Bettina Noelle-Fox


'I am passionate about bringing clinical expertise and technology together to create learning resources that bridge knowledge gaps, support you in practice, improve the patient experience and are engaging and enjoyable.'


Bettina manages the Docet website and production of the multimedia online training materials and looks after governance and marketing communication.

Bettina has been with Docet since November 2016. She started her career as a Production Manager for film and television before managing the production of CPD training and elearning at the University of Law for 10 years. 

In her spare time Bettina enjoys a spot of yoga, spending time with her children at the beach or in the woods and hiding vegetables in cakes.

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Chee Han Tang

‘I enjoy supporting registrants to use Docet materials to help them meet their learning and training needs more effectively.’


Chee answers your phone and email queries, administers the awarding and uploading of CPD points to the GOC and handles the Docet funding support for local CPD events.

Chee has been with Docet since November 2012. He has worked for a number of public educational organisations, such as the Learning and Skills Council and the Skills Funding Agency, before joining Docet.

In his spare time Chee enjoys gaming, watching films and eating fast food.

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Angélique Grab


'I've always been passionate about acquiring new knowledge and skills, driven by a desire to share these insights with the world. So I've dedicated myself to mastering the art of delivering information in the most impactful way.'


Angélique’s main role is to support the Docet CPD Manager in managing the entire process of creating online learning materials. 

Drawing from her background in instructional design and her experience in an animal health elearning agency, she aims to enhance learner engagement and ensure optimal enjoyment in learning.

Outside of work, she enjoys online video games and painting. However, her main source of delight is her cat called Princess, who often joins her during work hours.

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Philippa Shaw MSc. MCOptom.

'I'm enthusiastic about being involved in developing resources which support clinicians to improve their skills and improve their patient’s experiences. My role is to increase optometrists’ job satisfaction by providing interesting, relevant education that can be fitted into busy lifestyles.'


Philippa is an experienced optometrist who helps to create the Docet programmes and online multimedia training materials. She works with production companies and clinical experts during projects to ensure the programmes produced are high quality, suitable for community optometrists and provide GOC accredited CPD.

Philippa has been with Docet since 2009. Her other roles include clinical training for a variety of organisations for experienced and pre-reg optometrists, DOs, CLOs and medics, she is a College of Optometrists Senior Assessor and Examiner, she sits on the GOC Fitness to Practice Committee and still works occasionally as a locum in practice. 

Since qualifying she worked in full-time practice for several years, as a Clinical Development Manager for a multiple organisation for over ten years.  She has also enjoyed working on overseas projects for various optometry and ophthalmology charities. 

In her spare time Philippa enjoys travelling, walking, doing yoga and playing the saxophone in a band.

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Catherine Viner MSc. MCOptom. FHEA.


'I have a longstanding commitment to supporting registrants from undergraduate level upwards and value being able to use my experience and skills to assist in the development of high quality, innovative CPD.'


Catherine provides professional training advice to Docet. This includes writing project briefs, liaising with subject matter experts and production companies and reviewing completed projects.

Catherine is currently a Senior Lecturer at the University of Bradford. Prior to her appointment at the University of Bradford she held a number of posts with Boots Opticians Ltd, including Tutor Practitioner at UMIST, Senior Optometrist and Practice Manager. Catherine is an Assessor and Examiner for the College of Optometrists and also currently sits on the General Optical Council’s Registration Committee.

When she is not working, Catherine enjoys keeping fit by going to the gym and by taking her daughter on long walks. She has also been known to climb up rock faces and the inside of old churches!

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Michelle Hanratty BSc.Hons. MCOptom. DipTp(IP). Prof Cert Med Ret.

'I love being part of a dynamic profession that helps people by looking after their eyes, providing the means to see better and thus contributing to their quality of life. It gives me great satisfaction to provide a service to Optometry through relevant continuing education and training, so that we can serve the public with the highest standards of care.'


Michelle oversees the Docet Podcast and is responsible for developing ideas, liaising with clinical experts and working with a production team to bring a wealth of expertise in optometry and ophthalmology to listeners.

Michelle is an Independent Prescribing Optometrist with extensive experience in co-managing cataract and refractive surgery patients. Author of LASIK – A Handbook for Optometrists (Elsevier) and of over 35 articles and papers, Michelle also works with the College of Optometrists to develop and produce continuing education materials. 

In addition to her role as Optometrist Lead at Optegra Birmingham Eye Hospital, Michelle is a College Examiner, and a member of the teaching faculty at the Johnson & Johnson Institute.

Michelle enjoys having creative (and often messy) fun with her kids and holidaying in Cornwall.

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Louise Munns BSc. MCOptom.


'I love learning and continue to enjoy the extensive range of programmes available from Docet. I feel privileged to be able to complement my own knowledge when marking Docet programmes, appreciating the wide range of conversations and discussions had by optometrists across the UK.'


Louise marks some of our interactive CPD programmes. She has worked for Docet since 2014, initially writing peer review material, then moving onto marking interactive programmes in 2016. 

Louise is enthusiastic about teaching and sharing her clinical knowledge and experience. She graduated from Bradford in 1987 and is now a self-employed optometrist based in the midlands. Over the years she has worked in a number of practices both in the UK and abroad. Her current roles include faculty at the J&J Institute, Clinic Supervisor at Aston University, and College Assessor and Examiner for the Scheme for Registration. 

She walks regularly at weekends and also enjoys her weekly keep fit class. She is a less enthusiastic member of a local gym where she admits to spending more time in the sauna than on the cross trainer!

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Theresa Adamson MCOptom.

'I love the Docet programmes that are available to registrants and enjoy being able to help facilitate learning by providing feedback to submissions when needed.'


As an optometrist Theresa is involved in marking interactive Docet submissions which include clinical content.

Theresa has been with Docet since April 2017. She qualified as an Optometrist in 2010 and has worked within multiple based practice since then. Outside of the test room Theresa is currently involved in a range of optometry work including training, developing course materials and regulatory work. She has also been a member of her local optical committee.  

In her spare time Theresa enjoys playing the piano, mountain biking and jewellery making.

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