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John Lawrenson & Hugh Breakspear (15:33)

The Age‐Related Eye Disease Study was a large randomised controlled trial based in the United States which aimed to investigate whether supplementation with certain vitamins and minerals could slow or prevent the development of cataract and age‐related macular degeneration. This study concluded in 2001, but 2006 saw the launch of a second trial – the Age‐Related Eye Disease Study 2, or AREDS 2. The initial results were announced in May of 2013, and so in this interview Hugh Breakspear speaks to John Lawrenson, Professor of Clinical Optometry at City University, about AREDS 2 and discusses the implications of the reported findings for optometrists and patients.

First published in DOCET OQ87 (2013).

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    To provide listeners with:

    • An overview of the original age-related eye disease stude and its outcomes
    • The reasons a second study was felt to be necessary
    • An outline of the results of the AREDS2 study
    • An indication of the types of patients who would benefit from the AREDS2 formulation
    • An outline of the implications for optometrists, their patients, and how they manage patients with dry AMD including recommendations about supplements

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      • Lawrenson JG, Evans JR (2013) Advice about diet and smoking for people with or at risk of age-related macular degeneration: a cross-sectional survey of eye care professionals in the UK. BMC Public Health 2013 (13), 564
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