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    Course Summary

    Prof David Thomson & Shail Patel (15:13)

    The UK National Screening Committee (NSC) policy recommends that all children aged four to five should have their vision checked in an orthoptic-led service. With the rise of vision screening software in the UK, Shail Patel talks to Professor David Thompson about products that may be of use in screening children. Professor Thompson is a lecturer at City University.

    First published in DOCET OQ86 (2013).

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      Learning objectives

      To provide listeners with:

      • An outline of current guidelines for vision screening in the UK
      • A reminder of the importance of children's vision screening and how barriers to screening might be overcome
      • An outline of the challenges of providing a meaningful screening system and how these might be overcome
      • The speakers opinion on the future of children's vision screening and how optometrists might contribute to such a scheme

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