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    Paperless practice management systems – Lyndon Taylor and Trevor Warburton (11:25)

    Lyndon Taylor explains to Trevor Warburton about his recent implementation of a software-based practice management system. As optometrists increasingly look to such systems to replace traditional paper-based management processes, Lyndon talks about how he recently completed the transition in only one and a half weeks, and how he anticipates it will change the way his independent optometric practice operates.

    First published in DOCET OQ81 (2012).

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      Learning objectives

      To provide listeners with:

      • An outline of the advantages of a paperless practice management system over traditional non-IT-based systems
      • An understanding of how to make an overhaul of a practice's system successful
      • An outline of the effects that a paperless practice management system can have on a business

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        Audio track (~11 mins)

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