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Fife centralised ophthalmic electronic referral unit (COeRU) – Dr Roshini Sanders, Colin Ferrier & Olivia Hunt (20:32)

This discussion is on the subject of an electronic referral system that has radically sped up the referral process for optometrists in Fife. The system works by enabling optometrists to send images of the patient’s eye to their GP and a hospital consultant simultaneously by encrypted email. Olivia’s first interview is with Dr Roshini Sanders, a hospital ophthalmologist who has been involved with the development of the system since its first implementation in May 2007. She then speaks to Colin Ferrier, one of the first optometrists to use the system in his practice.

First published in DOCET OQ79 (2011).

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    To provide listeners with:

    • An outline of the inception and development of the Fife centralised ophthalmic electronic referral unit (COeRU)
    • An understanding of the referral system's benefits, including how it can cut the waiting time inherent in the standard system

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      • Cameron JR, Ahmed S, Curry P et al. (2008) Impact of direct electronic optometric referral with ocular imaging to a hospital eye service. Eye 00, 1–7

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