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Home lighting for people with sight loss – Ron Bramley & Hugh Breakspear (10:02)

Two million people in the UK are affected by some degree of sight loss, and this number will rise as the average age of the population does in years to come. Hugh Breakspear interviews Ron Bramley, the Chief Executive of the Thomas Pocklington Trust – a charity which has offered help, support and care to people with sight loss since 1935. One subject on which they provide guidance is lighting in the home. In the interview Ron suggests ways in which optometrists can help patients light their homes safely and effectively.

First published in DOCET OQ76 (2010).

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    To provide listeners with:

    • An outline of the history of the Thomas Pocklington Trust and what services the charity offers
    • An understanding of how optometrists can help patients light their homes safely and effectively

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