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    Course Summary

    Managing patients with learning disabilities – Gordon Ilett & Susan Cowling (18:35)

    Given that over a million people in the UK have some form of learning disability, it is important that optometrists are sensitive to the needs of these patients. Gordon Ilett talks to Susan Cowling about the link between learning disabilities and visual problems, and about what practical considerations optometrists should bear in mind when examining patients with learning disabilities. Gordon has taken a special interest in this subject for many years, working with organisations like SeeAbility, the RNIB and the Special Olympics.

    First published in DOCET OQ76 (2010).

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      Learning objectives

      To provide listeners with:

      • An outline of the prevalence of learning disabilities
      • An understanding of the issues that arise for optometrists when treating patients with learning disabilities
      • An outline of what optometrists need to understand in order to support patients with learning disabilities 

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        Audio track (~19 mins)

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        More information and references


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