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A breakthrough in myopia control – Earl Smith & Philip Morgan (18:35)

Professor Earl Smith, of the College of Optometry at the University of Houston, has been conducting some fascinating research into myopia control – the benefits of which are being enjoyed by patients already. The orthodox method of correcting focusing defects has been to move the visual image backwards and forwards using spectacle lenses. But Professor Smith has demonstrated that moving the central image onto the retina but leaving the peripheral image behind can cause the eye to elongate. In response to this, new lenses have been developed which bring the peripheral image forward, independently of the central image in order to prevent the eye elongating and reducing the progression of myopia. Philip Morgan talks to Professor Smith.

First published in DOCET OQ75 (2010).

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    To provide listeners with:

    • An outline of the increasing prevalence of myopia globally
    • An outline of a recent breakthrough in myopia control announced by the Vision Cooperative Research Centre in Australia
    • An understanding of how the traditional method of correcting basic refractive errors can exacerbate myopic tendencies and how new technology changes this

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