Sound Optometry

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Welcome to Docet’s podcast Sound Optometry, hosted by Michelle Hanratty, an IP optometrist with 20 years’ experience on the high street and in hospital. Each month, with case studies and in-depth conversations, we will be exploring topics that matter the most to you as optometrists and are relevant for everyday practice.

Episode 31 - Diabetic retinopathy screening and treatment

The diabetic retinopathy screening service in England has been hugely successful since its implementation twenty years ago. This podcast episode starts with a 'fly on the wall' recording of a real screening appointment within the NHS. Dr Cathy Egan then explains how AI systems work and reveals how the potential of AI will improve services to the public and increase research capability.

We then hear about the current treatments that are used to treat patients that have been identified as being at risk of vision loss from consultant ophthalmologist Sajjad Mahmood. Treatments for peripheral retinopathy as well as for diabetic macula oedema are explained. 

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First published: July 2023
Last reviewed: June 2024


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