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An in-depth exploration of the referrals process in the UK, hosted by BBC presenter John Waite.

We travel the length and breadth of the country, interviewing practitioners and policy makers, to find out how the referrals process works across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  We look specifically at how emergency, urgent and routine referrals should be handled according to national guidelines and local protocols, framing the discussion around dramatised case studies.

To establish best practice, we speak to proponents of innovative regional referral refinement schemes that are improving efficiency and offering increasing opportunities for optometrists to manage conditions in-practice, to reduce unnecessary referrals and decrease the burden on secondary care.

Last published: December 2017

    Learning objectives

    • 2.7.2 Ensure the appropriate pathway for referral is adopted in full knowledge of the urgency, to whom referral is appropriate, and an understanding of national and local protocols.
    • 2.8.2 Ensure the correct information is recorded when referring a patient.
    • 2.10.1 Understand the appropriate professionals that might be best able to meet the needs of any individual patient you refer.
    • 6.1.11 To understand the management of a range of ocular conditions ranging from the emergency, fast-track and the outpatient or GP managed conditions and to ensure the appropriate route to access this care in each case is adhered to and understood.
      Unit 1 - Introduction (~3 mins)