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    This programme follows a typical high street optometric practice as they prepare for a hygiene inspection, providing optometrists with clear guidance on identifying and managing hygiene risks and hazards.

    Although infection control risks are lower in optometric practice than in some other clinical settings, concerns around the spread of healthcare born infections, the transmission of neurodegenerative triggers and new influenza strains have highlighted the importance of good infection control procedures, supported by effective waste disposal practices.

    The programme aims to instruct the viewer in five key areas:

    • An appraisal of the infection control issues in community optometric practice including microbiological risks and possible sources of infection.
    • The role of personal hygiene in reducing the spread of infection including hand hygiene, use of masks and gloves.
    • Equipment decontamination and the role of disposable devices.
    • Waste segregation and disposal including legal requirements.
    • Other relevant issues including situations of greater risk such as MRSA.

    Also includes a demonstration of correct hand washing technique in accordance with World Health Organisation guidance.

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