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    Professor Stephen Dain & Professor David Thomson (15:03)

    The national press has recently reported on the potential harm caused by the blue light emitted from the screens of smart phones, tablets and computers. This purported harm ranges from long-term damage and associations with macular degeneration to disrupted sleep cycles. The media’s sensationalism of health stories is nothing new and inevitably generates an influx of patient queries and requests for advice. Professor David Thomson clarifies the science behind the claims with Professor Stephen Dain, from the University of New South Wales, Australia.

    First published in DOCET OQ91 (2014).

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      Learning objectives

      6.1.1 Understand the link between short wavelength light exposure and ocular diseases of both the anterior and posterior segment.

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        Audio track (~15 mins)

        Hazards of short wavelength light

        Professor Stephen Dain & Professor David Thomson (15:03)

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        More information and references


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