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    Course Summary

    Professor Harminder Dua & Gordon Carson (14:24)

    Last year Professor Harminder Dua and his team from Nottingham University published a paper in the British Journal of Ophthalmology outlining the existence of a new corneal layer. Rarely does a new discovery have similar potential to transform our understanding of such a wide range of topics. Comprising thin plates of collagen, but very strong, Dua’s layer is located between the corneal stroma and Descemet’s membrane. Professor Harminder Dua is chair of Ophthalmology and head of the Division of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at the University of Nottingham and president of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. In this piece he discusses the discovery with Gordon Carson and its implications in optometry.

    First published in DOCET OQ90 (2014).

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      Learning objectives

      6.1.8 Understand how the latest research into corneal structure may influence future understanding of the link between the cornea and glaucoma progression.

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        Audio track (~14 mins)

        Dua’s layer – the sixth corneal layer

        Professor Harminder Dua & Gordon Carson (14:24)

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        More information and references


        • Dua HS, et al. 2013. Human corneal anatomy redefined: a novel pre-Descemet’s layer (Dua’s layer). Ophthalmology. 120 (9), 1778 – 1785.
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