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Professor Steve Taylor & Mark Nevin (15:19)

Fluorescein dye, an established aid routinely used by eye care practitioners, has recently become subject to controversy. Confusion over its classification and the withdrawal of fluorescein impregnated strips, Fluorets, from the market have led to concerns over legality and appropriate use.

In light of this, the Optical Confederation Clinical Consensus Panel and, more recently, the MHRA have provided clarification. Here, two members of the Clinical Consensus Panel; Professor Steve Taylor, a fellow of the College of Optometrists and professional advisor to FODO, and Mark Nevin, director of policy and strategy at FODO, the FMO and ACLM, discuss the issue further.

First published in DOCET OQ89 (2014).

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    6.1.4 To understand the current use of diagnostic dyes for UK optometrists and how CE marked agents are classified and what limits there are on their use.

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