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Domains: Clinical Practice, Communication

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Welcome to Docet’s podcast Sound Optometry, hosted by Michelle Hanratty, an IP optometrist with 20 years’ experience on the high street and in hospital. Each month, with case studies and in-depth conversations, we will be exploring topics that matter the most to you as optometrists and are relevant for everyday practice.

Episode 26 – Patient Mental Health: Eyes and minds

This episode of Sound Optometry focuses on equipping optometrists to communicate effectively with patients that may have a mental health condition and to understand the potential relationship between ocular health and mental health conditions.

Christine Lanaghan, a psychology professional and a dry eye sufferer, shares her experience and together with her optometrist Sarah Farrant they provide some insights into how to sensitively communicate with patients in such situations.

Michelle Hanratty then discusses the potential effect of chronic eye disease on mental health as well as the effects of mental health medications on the eye with Dennis Pardo, Doctor of Optometry and Psychotherapist at Framingham State University, Massachusetts. 

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Last published: December 2023

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    Clinical Practice

    s.5 Keep your knowledge and skills up to date  

    • Know the ocular side-effects of drugs used in the treatment of common mental health conditions.

    s.7 Conduct appropriate assessments, examinations, treatments and referrals 

    • Able to form a management plan to investigate the ocular adverse effects of drugs used in the treatment of mental health conditions.


    s.1 Listen to patients and ensure they are at the heart of decisions made about their care 

    • Recognise when ocular health may affect the mental wellbeing and to discuss the options for management with patients.

    s.2 Communicate effectively with patients 

    • Able to communicate empathetically with patients that may be struggling with their mental health and sign post them to further support or treatment.

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