Sound Optometry

Domains: Clinical Practice, Professionalism, Specialty CPD (IP)

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Welcome to Docet’s podcast Sound Optometry, hosted by Michelle Hanratty, an IP optometrist with 20 years’ experience on the high street and in hospital. Each month, with case studies and in-depth conversations, we will be exploring topics that matter the most to you as optometrists and are relevant for everyday practice.

Episode 17: Enhanced Optometric Services Part 1 (Wales & England)

The first of a two-part series highlighting Enhanced Optometry Services across the four nations of the United Kingdom, starting with Wales and England. 

The podcast begins with the story of Ffion who was seen by optometrist Clare Pearce under the umbrella of the Wales Eye Care Service (WECS) which funds community based eye care to relieve pressure on hospital eye services. Presenter Michelle Hanratty then delves into the details of WECS and the advantages it brings to both patients and practitioners in Wales.

We then hear from Kevin Liu, a community optometrist working in Greater Manchester who gives a firsthand account of his involvement in the COVID Urgent Eye Care Service (CUES), that evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic in response to the crippling pressure the NHS was facing. The episode ends with some thoughts on how services will continue to evolve to meet the demands of an ever-changing healthcare landscape.

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Last published: December 2022

    Learning outcomes

    Clinical practice

    s.7 Conduct appropriate assessments, examinations, treatments and referrals

    • To know what constitutes an appropriate assessment for the investigation of the signs and symptoms of a patient presenting for a non-routine eye examination.


    s.10 Work collaboratively with colleagues in the interests of patients

    • Able to identify the most appropriate eye care pathway for a patient and to work collaboratively with other colleagues or services where appropriate.

    Specialty CPD (IP)

    • Able to formulate a suitable management plan for a patient presenting for a minor or urgent eye condition and conduct a follow-up where appropriate within the context of enhanced optometry services.

      Unit 1 - Enhanced Optometric Services Part 1 audio track (~25 min)