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Standards of Practice

In this episode of Sound Optometry, Michelle discusses the concepts of Speaking Up with David Hewlett, Group Director at FODO; our producer, Richard Hollingham speaks to Julie Breen, Freedom to Speak Up Guardian for Tees LOC, who outlines her role within primary care optometry.

Topics: Freedom to Speak Up, Speaking up, Raising concerns, Whistleblowing, GOC Standards of Practice.

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Domains: Clinical practice, Leadership & Accountability

In this episode, Michelle Hanratty explores the two-way risk of infection in optometric practice with Dr Conor Meehan. A real life case study of a workplace acquired ocular infection follows as we hear from ophthalmologist Arijit Mitra, who reminds the listener of the potential consequences in any lapse of infection prevention and control. 

Topics: Infection prevention and control, Hand hygiene, Reuse of instruments and contact lenses.

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This edition of Advances in Eyecare includes interviews with top academics considering the best way to interpret the published literature and evidence base that may influence the way we practice optometry. It introduces the new TFOS DEWS II report into dry eye disease. 

Topics: Dry eye disease, Cochrane, TFOS DEWS II, Omega 3, Craig, Bias, Literature review, Barrett, RCT, Critical appraisal tools.

Area of interest: Independent Prescribing

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Professional Conduct

An in-depth exploration of the referrals process in the UK, hosted by BBC presenter John Waite. We travel the length and breadth of the country, interviewing practitioners and policy makers, to find out how the referrals process works across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Topics: Referral, Emergency, Urgent, Fast-track, Routine, Record keeping, Secondary care, Flashes and floaters, Detachment, Cataract, Wet AMD, Glaucoma, Amblyopia, Strabismus, Binocular Vision, Orthoptics, Local protocol, NICE.

Area of interest: MECS

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In 2011 Professor John Lawrenson was involved in interpreting the new recommendations on decontamination published by the Department of Health and drafting the new College guidance. Here he speaks to Hugh Breakspear about the updated guidelines and what they mean for practising optometrists.

Topics: Hygiene, Sterilisation, Health, vCJD, Tonometer, Contact lens, BSE, Prion, Gonioscope, Trial lenses, Infection, Bleach.

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This discussion is on the subject of an electronic referral system that has radically sped up the referral process for optometrists in Fife. Olivia’s first interview is with Dr Roshini Sanders who has been involved with the development of the system, she then speaks to Colin Ferrier, one of the first optometrists to use the system in his practice.

Topics: Hospital, GP, Ophthalmologist, Images, Clinic, Urgent, Emergency, Routine, Paperless, Photo, Consultant.

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Lyndon Taylor explains to Trevor Warburton about his recent implementation of a software-based practice management system. 

Topics: Electronic, Software, Data, Computer, Images, Clinical, Records, Technology, Security.

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Each optometric practice, like any other business, is responsible for their own waste  disposal. Here Dr Susan Blakeney discusses the waste disposal advice which was developed in 2009 with Hugh Breakspear.

Topics: Hygiene, Drugs, Minims, Solutions, Contact lenses, Sharps, Contamination, Infection, Body fluids, Clinical waste, Hazardous.