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The course includes five scenarios:

  • Communication Skills
  • Patient-centred Care
  • Understanding Patient Concerns and Anxieties
  • Handling Patient Complaints
  • Adherence to Eyecare Recommendations.

Each dramatised scenario is discussed in turn by the audience of optometrists. The film content is backed up with a series of five accompanying fact sheets.

Last published: March 2011

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    • 1.2.1 To improve your understanding of techniques and strategies to communicate effectively with patients, employing a patient-centred approach.
    • 2.1.2 To understand a range of techniques for listening to patients effectively as part of good communication strategies.
    • 2.2.1 To improve your understanding of how to adapt your communication techniques according to the situation and the patient’s individual needs.
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      Video content:

      • Communication skills in practice
      • Patient-centred care
      • Understanding patients' concerns and anxieties
      • Handling patient complaints
      • Helping patients adhere to their eyecare recommendations.

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