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This programme takes a close look at smoking as one of the effects of our modern lifestyle on the eye.

Awareness of the dangers of smoking to general health is high, but there are particular risks posed to eye health; including, but not limited to: an increased risk of cataract, AMD and vascular diseases.

Dr Alex Bobak discusses importance of smoking cessation interventions and underlines the importance of every contact with a healthcare professional. Consultant Pharmacist Bobby Sira builds on the concept of a ‘brief intervention’ and demonstrates the need for a change in attitude amongst primary healthcare professionals. Community optometrist Rakesh Kapoor explains how he implemented a smoking cessation programme in his optometric practice, why optometrists are well placed to intervene and the information they can give their patients about local cessation services.

This is one course in a series of four.

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    • 1.2.3 Understand the best way to initiate a discussion of the ocular impact of smoking and to encourage a rapport that may influence future compliance with cessation behaviour.
    • 2.10.1 Understand how to develop useful relations with allied professionals able to help in smoking cessation and to therefore offer the best health advice relating to eye care linked with lifestyle change.
    • 6.1.1 Understand the role of smoking as a major controllable risk factor for common eye conditions, such as macular degeneration and tear film instability, and be able to incorporate this into clinical assessment routine.
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